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Jim Buczkowski

  • Retired 12/1/2022 - Executive Director - Research and Advanced Engineering - Ford Motor Company (See Linkedin profile for my full career experiences)

  • Interested in consulting or similar work that leverages my 43 years of industry experience

  • Experienced with/Interested in:

    • Helping startups work with large Companies .

    • Helping large companies select and work with start ups.

    • Technology Trends (Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Software).

    • Technology/Innovation Council Experience.

    • University Advisory Boards (University of Michigan, Georgia Tech)

    • Board/ Board Advisory work (Previous experience: CTA Board of Industry Leaders, SAIPS BOD)

  • Extensive network in the automotive and consumer industries and with a diverse set of innovation leaders from Fortune 500 companies.

Goal: Help companies navigate technology trends and innovation